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5 Euro Box Oven wins green innovation award

By Dan (EnviroGadget Writer) on April 14th, 2009

Kyoto Box Oven

The Kyoto Box Oven was created by a Kenya-based entrepreneur Jon Bohmer of Kyoto Energy. The very low tech oven was designed as part of a Financial Times Climate Change Challenge, beating 300 other contestants.

The Kyoto Box Oven can reach temperatures of 165 degrees Celcius, and is able to cook casseroles, boil water and bake bread. The great thing is, it costs just 5 euros (around £4.50 or $7), and reduces indoor smoke inhalation, avoids fire hazards and reduces deforestation. Since it packs flat, you can fit thousands of them on the back of a standard lorry.

The oven is made from 2 cardboard boxes, one inside the other, with a clear acrylic cover. Black paint on the inner box and silver foil on the outer help concentrate the heat. The clear plastic cover traps heat in a similar way to greenhouses.

Jon intends to use the prize money to fund mass trials in 10 countries including South Africa, India and Indonesia. The box is designed to help save the millions of children who die from unclean drinking water and uncooked food. Initial calculations suggest that using the box will save around two tonnes of carbon emissions per family per year!

Source: EcoFriend

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