Why Nuclear Energy Will Lose its Ground Against Other Renewable Sources??

Anny | Jan 07, 2021

Nuclear energy, a renewable source of energy has been in debates and critics have different arguments as far as its advantages have been found by scientific researches. Discovery of this eco-friendly and renewable source has set the milestone for greater energy supply and protection of natural environment. Nuclear energy also encouraged stopping our depending on fossil fuels as primary energy generation source. The trend has been changing now and wind, solar and nuclear energy has filled the broaden gap.

Why nuclear energy will lose its ground against other renewable sources??

The critics have viewed this energy source through different aspects and it is not as perfect and safer for our environment as it should be, though it was. It is also evidence that nuclear energy is more powerful, efficient source of energy even today to stop our use of fossil fuels, but it will be defeated in long run against other renewable energy sources because it is not as efficient as it had been predicted.

Costly nuclear energy safety procedures

The huge start up cost for nuclear power plants lagging behind this source of energy as compared to previous use of fossil fuels plants which had low start up costs comparing to this one source. Same is the defect with other renewable sources of energy which are available today. Construction of ionizing protective and safe nuclear energy plants means bearing the additional costs with complete safety system to generate this source of energy.

An operational renewable energy has low cost as compared to nuclear energy production plant that would work with same span of the time. A huge safety and maintenance cost for nuclear energy is still a major question to be solved. If a nuclear energy reactor fails and safety is broken, this would be …..

Nuclear damage will extend to the environment and human beings

When wind energy system or solar system are required to pause and shut down the operations due to natural calamity and disasters, the damage will be only limited to the system power plant. May be it blow the items and few equipments which can be repaired with some maintenance work and power will be restored, but nuclear energy hazards are enormous and can’t be controlled in specific time span.

Through considerable damage to a nuclear power plant, there are high risks associated with widespread radiation. These radiations not only affect the core reactor but also population around the nuclear power plant and the entire environment. An area of about 20 kilometer around Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant is still unsafe and affected the people living in areas closer to this power plant.

Why nuclear energy will lose its ground against other renewable sources??

Not idea for small communities at distances

Although nuclear energy plants are better than renewable energy today as they are natural and lots of energy is produced through this source. This is utterly impractical for small communities living at distances to be provided with nuclear power. The time required to retrieve investment with energy for distant communities through nuclear energy will result in big capital loss.

If nuclear energy wins the race against other sources of energy generation, the nuclear fission technology would be obsolete after first research on commercially fusion reactors.

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