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Crank-Powered Rechargeable Batteries

Wind Up Batteries

Your portable batteries will never run flat without a charger again! Designer Qian Jiang’s rechargeable batteries fit into a traditional household charger, or alternatively, with a little elbow-grease, can be recharged by hand from a built-in hand-crank.

Similar to the wind-up radio, a small hand-crank folds out of the battery and turns an internal dynamo to provide an electrical current. Just five minutes of turning will generate nearly 50% power, whilst an indicator light shows the level of charge.

Wind Up Batteries Diagram

Battery storage capacity will grow in the future and the hand-crank concept will work on various types, including the common AA and AAA sizes. If your arm grows tired the cells also fit into a traditional household charger that draws power from the mains. Battery recycling is all the rage at the moment with new battery-saving gadgets coming onto the market all the time. We think this concept is a great addition. Ingenious!

Source: Yanko Design

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