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Human Powered Ferris Wheel

Human Powered Ferris Wheel

The Human Powered Ferris Wheel, otherwise called the Star Wheel, is a device created by Paul Cesewski. The contraption weighs 2000 pounds and reaches up 22 feet into the air. There are 3 seats inside the wheel, and each passenger has their own set of peddles. As you cycle inside the wheel, you’re driving yourself around the inside of the wheel. Gravity then causes the outer wheel to move forwards too.

As is clear from the video, its not particularly stable. However, the original design was just 2 seats inside the wheel, and cycling pushed the 2 passengers around inside. Cesewski thought that was too dull, hence adding the movement of the outer wheel too! The total build cost an impressive $7000 and took a total of 6 months to design and create it. The great thing is though, no diesel engines are needed to run the contraption. If he could make it more stable, it might catch on!

Source: PopularMechanics

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