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Human-Powered Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker

Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker is a ball that helps you to make ice cream through motion. The ball requires ice and salt to be put into one end and the ice cream ingredients to be put into the other. Through playing with the ball, kicking it about for instance, the mixture keeps moving allowing it to chill into soft scoop ice cream.

Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker

This Play And Freeze Ice Cream Maker allows you to make homemade ice cream away from the home. The only constraint to where it can be made is that you need ice for it and the ingredients for the ice cream that usually require chilling. This could be achieved through taking the ice and ingredients in a cool bag. By filling one side of the ball with as much ice as you can, then adding half a cup of rock salt, you create the perfect environment for the inner chamber to create ice cream.

The inner chamber is reached from the opening at the other end of the ball. The mixture you use for the ice cream can be as basic or as complex as you wish, though only one pint of ice cream can be made at a time. Once the mixture is safely in the inner chamber all you need to do is play with the ball. By being constantly in motion the mixture chills evenly, so the more it moves, the smoother it will be.

After around 10 minutes of play you will need to stop to pour out some of the water from the ice and salt portion of the ball, this section will then require a top up of ice and salt. It is also a good idea to stir the ice cream mixture at this point, to help move away any that has become frozen to the sides of the central chamber. After another 10 minutes of play the ice cream should be ready to eat. You can stop playing at different points for different textures, those who like their ice cream really soft will want to stop sooner than someone who prefers it rather hard.

This ball helps to create homemade ice cream without requiring an electronic ice cream maker. Most home ice cream makers need electricity to keep the ice cream mixture constantly stirred. By using a light but strong ball this ice cream maker avoids that by allowing you to move it about. The effort required to keep the ball in motion is a lot less than what would be required to stir the mixture by hand, and also a lot more fun.

Though the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker could be used outdoors, it could be hard to keep both the ice cream ingredients and the ice cool enough. If you are camping out in the snow it would be simple to do, however in those conditions ice cream may not be the treat you desire. This ice cream maker will require ice, which in most cases will have come from a freezer. Despite this it still helps to save on electricity compared to most other home ice cream makers, while not requiring the amount of hard work as creating it by hand power alone.

The Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker is available for around $20 in the US or £19.95 in the UK.

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