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Self-Powered Safety Laser for Cyclists

Bike Safety Laser

The ‘Laser’ product is a gadget designed for urban cyclists. Since cyclists are very exposed on the road due to the volume of traffic these days, the Laser gadget is designed to create a light-based safety zone around the cyclists to encourage good behaviour from drivers. When a driver enters the safety zone, the light changes to a red zone, and several horns will sound.

Bike Safety Laser on Road

The device projects an elliptical beam around the bike, which is roughly the size of a car. Essentially staying green when the cyclist is safe, and turning red when the driver is too close. Hopefully by making it easier to respect the space cyclists need to cycle safely, there should be fewer instances of harm caused to cyclists by dangerous drivers.

The Laser gadget is charged up by the cyclist via a dynamo, so requires no external power source. So the ‘Laser’ product is eco-friendly on 2 counts, encouraging environmentally friendly travel, and not needing loads of batteries.

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