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The Earth Angel Battery-Free Wind-Up Sex Toy

The Earth Angel Battery-Free Wind-Up Vibrator

I apologise if this article offends anyone, but I personally feel that it fits perfectly on EnviroGadget! The Earth Angel has been revealed as the first 100% green sex toy from Irish company Caden Enterprises. The vibrator is completely made from recycled materials, and it never needs charging up due to using a wind-up crank to charge the internal rechargeable battery.

The Earth Angel Battery-Free Wind-Up Vibrator Wind Up

The toy is very similar to wind up radios. You just crank the toy for 4 minutes in a clockwise direction (does anti-clockwise discharge it??) and you get 30 minutes of vibrations. The toy also comes with an on/off switch, so you can save it for later.

Apparently the The Earth Angel is just as good as any other sex toy, but it has the eco-friendly edge. Love Honey also have a range of 100% organic lubricants, so you can be completely eco-friendly in the bedroom!

If you want to read more on this theme, HandsIn.org have a recent article on 5 ways to be a green lover.

Have fun!

Source and Photos: LoveHoney

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