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The Real future of Renewable energy

Renewable energy

Regarding the recent changes in world for renewable energy resources and efforts to conserve the natural environment, there have been more debates about issue than ever before. With the popularity of solar power steadily increasing throughout the world, there really has never been a better time to consider installing solar photovoltaic panels (PV) on your business or home. Here are some of the benefits of PV panels and some of the debunked myths that tend to circulate around the water cooler.

The biggest and most damaging myth to solar panels is the idea that solar panels only work during times of sunny weather or in places reserved for tropical weather. Not only does Britain receive 60% of the sunlight received on the equator, but the great news is that yes – Solar panels do work during periods of cloud cover as they still receive diffused energy emitted by the sun. This makes solar energy one the best forms of renewable energy as they work 365 days a year; no matter what the weather.

It is a little known fact that the renewable energy industry is also one of the most lucrative and tide fighting economies in the world. With much of renewable energy centered on the powers of solar energy, over $260 billion was invested last year in the United States alone. One of the great many reasons that solar energy is so popular (apart from the fact that they expel zero emissions throughout their lifetime) is due to the fact that PV panels can actually make a household or company money.

As PV panels can often produce more energy than is required throughout the day, all that excess energy can be fed into a feed-in tariff once you have reached an agreement with your energy provider. On average, a 3kWp system could save the average household around £670 per year. This means that the average system, costing around £10,000 can pay for itself in around fifteen years and because of the average lifetime of PV panels is around twenty five to thirty years; they are a highly lucrative energy source.

Real future of Renewable energy
It is a very rare thing indeed where you can find yourself a technology that not only makes you money but also is a blessing for the environment. As already stated, PV panel produce absolutely no emissions once they are installed, meaning that an average 3kWp system could save up to a tons of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere every single year. This means that if everyone within the United Kingdom were to install solar panels, there would be saving of up to 220 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. That’s a grand total of around 660 million tons over a lifetime of work. Of course, these are only figures from the technology of 2012; with new talk of 3D solar panels that can reputedly store up to twenty times the amount of energy of conventional panels, who knows the true capabilities of solar power.

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