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Greener and safer – The Toyota NS4 plug-in Hybrid

Toyota NS4 Plug-in Hybrid

Toyota-the world renowned top leading auto maker, has recently launched the NS4 which is a plugin hybrid car. According to Toyota official news, NS4 has been embedded with many powerful, safe and eco-friendly features. NS4 hybrid car, which will be available for sale in next three years, has a touch dashboard for major car operations and featuring low electric power consumption in long distance traveling.

According to Toyota chief operation officer and President, cars are moving toward digital age like the human age has been converted from old to modern scientific standards. Toyota has created a strong relationship of person-to-car and car-to-society. The plugin system of Toyota NS4 plugin hybrid features low consumption of fuel, short charging time, best acceleration and smoothness.

The styling of this car is based on the aerodynamics with an edited triangle, while its cabin and low height featured with bend to the forward style. NS4 hybrid car features including wing like daytime lights running, floating lower spoiler and open trapezoid grille. Its rear lamp wings add great value to its style and design is beautiful with no words to complain. Driver visibility has been improved by its think A-pillars and enough strong to protect the car from accidents. It has an easy lift boot and beautifully featured with swan-wing doors.Toyota NS4 Plug-in Hybrid Concept

Toyota has worked with top leading technology companies including Salesforce, Intel and Microsoft to develop advanced Human-Machine interface, a large touch screen which is similar in look to smartphones screens. HMI interface is easy to use touch dashboard, which will facilitate the drivers with easy to handle and manage car operations with advanced touch technology.

Where the environment friendly and go green gadgets are getting popularity after recent researches and pollution hazards for our planet, auto makers are greatly concerned with their role, because environment pollution was directly increasing with such cars which have high consumption of petroleum. This is not only decreasing our petroleum resources for next generations but a polluted environment for new comers who may suffer from various diseases due to this pollution.

Toyota NS4 features next generation PCS. PCS or pre collision system is best virtual collision measuring system to avoid any accidents or collisions. Also it has been embedded with pedestrian collision avoiding technology, rear end and lane departure. The stereo cameras fitted on the front of vehicle detect the situation and react immediately to lane departure, collision system and other vehicle system.

Instead of inner and outer view mirrors, cameras have been used to give panoramic view to the driving person. In this way a rearward photo of the front is shown on dashboard wide touch screen, which is much large than ordinary mirrors view. Also this car is using Blind Spot Monitoring to help things visible and make the NS4 a latest featured auto for Toyota users worldwide.

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