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Automotive Eco Gadgets

Plugless Power Vehicle Charging System for Electronic Cars

Electric vehicles are fast becoming an alternative to fuel powered vehicles as they are non-polluting and cost efficient.  However, they require a wired charger which needs to be connected to the vehicle while charging. Often this is not quite feasible [...]

Leave Your Car in Garage one Day of Week

People cannot imagine a day or week without cars in this fast pace world where life has been become fast and lagging is not bearable for anyone. For how much you are dedicated to green living, leaving a face pace [...]

Can You Use A Green Energy Source Like Water To Power A Car?

For more than a century ago when cars were first launched for public use, we relied completely on oil to power them for daily use, but were this not clears that world’s oil resources will diminish one day and we [...]

Greener and safer – The Toyota NS4 plug-in Hybrid

Toyota-the world renowned top leading auto maker, has recently launched the NS4 which is a plugin hybrid car. According to Toyota official news, NS4 has been embedded with many powerful, safe and eco-friendly features. NS4 hybrid car, which will be [...]

Eco Friendly Vehicles of Today And Tomorrow

The world automakers are moving toward the advanced technology which is the need of today and most probably the need of tomorrow. Environmental factors are directly affecting the human beings and different researches have shown that automobiles which are consuming [...]

Getting a Rowing Car

  Going green is a great way to help save the environment and to help make you healthier. Each day more evidence of how bad the environment is, is surfacing. This has led to many people wanting to change the [...]