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Macally Sustainable Bamboo Laptop Stand

Bamboo Laptop Cooling Stand

Macally has launched some sustainable bamboo cooling stands for laptops. The stands are designed to go onto your desk, with the laptop on top of the stand. The stand includes two USB-powered 2.5″ (5cm) fans to help dissipate heat away from your laptop. There are two models, the EcoFan (fixed height) and EcoFanPro (adjustable height).

Bamboo Laptop Cooling Stand - Side View

By improving the loss of heat from your laptop, you actually save energy as your laptop doesn’t need to work so hard to disipate heat. The stands increase the air flow around the laptop, meaning the internal laptop fan doesn’t need to work so hard. You could even just unplug the USB fans and just use the stand on its own.

All of the stands are available from Amazon in both the UK and the US.

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  • Eveline April 11, 2010, 12:23 pm

    a quick critical comment about the macally product: great to use less energy to keep your laptop cool, but a shame the laptop stand needs to use usb to power FANS. The puzzle laptop stand just lets the air flow free around the laptop, thus keeping it cool without any energy use. Other important thing is compact shape for shipment. In this department Macally doesn’t score very well either. So I’m wondering how eco this design really is. If they are serious about this I would suggest going back to the drawing table. Ok maybe I’m not impartial because I designed the puzzle laptop stand, but I invite everybody to come and have a look and give their criticisms, maybe I can improve the design even more.