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USB Flash Memory made from Wooden Sticks

Now this is something you don’t see every day. Flash Sticks are a great eco-friendly technology, USB flash memory sticks literally housed in a stick! The wood for these flash sticks are harvested from silver birch, collected from the woodlands in Berkshire, England.

The wood material is chosen from wooden branches that match a specific diameter. The wood is then left to season (i.e. dry out) for several months. The branches are then cut into 8cm (3.2 inches) ready for the USB element to be added. The sticks are hollowed, sanded down, waxed, and then receive the USB storage circuitboard.

I couldn’t see any idea of what storage capacity they are, but they cost £17.50 including delivery.

Update 4th Nov 2008 – I’ve since discovered that the flashsticks are 2GB in capacity.

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