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Clearly Filtered Coupons 2018 – An Affordable Solution for Your Clean Water Essentials

Clearly Filtered Coupons

Clearly Filtered is a one-stop shop for all your clean water needs in your kitchen and bathroom. They offer a great range of products to get clean and pure water at the very budget-friendly prices. But if you want to save more, don’t forget to use Clearly Filtered coupons 2018 and discount codes to grab the best deals on the products you want to purchase with Clearly Filtered. With their VIP program, you can receive a replacement filter for your bottle or pitcher in periodical shipments that is based on your personalized consumption habits. And you can also get 15% off on their everyday filter price.

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Clearly Filtered Review

Safe and pure water is an essential thing for the well-being of us. If you want to taste the pure and safe water without dealing to buy bottles or having the delivery services come to deliver water bottles at home, Clearly Filtered is absolutely one of the best destinations to go. It serves you by bringing the cleanest and most environment-friendly water on the planet.
The company was started with an aim to make your experience with water safe and pure. And the company has made it possible by delivering a number of products that can do just that. From water filters to shower heads, Clearly Filtered comes with all. What makes Clearly Filtered different from the others in the industry is the level of devotion they are bringing to the field of water filtration. And so you can always have clean, pure, and tasty water at the ready.

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Clearly Filtered Products

At Clearly Filtered, you can select out from a range of filtration options. It includes pitchers and under the sink filters that purely filters the drinking water for you. Even it comes with shower heads that lets you bathe with ease and comfort. Their water filtration products ensure that you are using only safe and pure water that are non toxic and free from unnecessary lead. The product categories they are dealing with include Clean Water Pitcher, Home Filtration, Water Bottles, Filtered Shower Heads, and Replacement Shower Filters.
Let’s s explore the categories for a closer look what the company offers to their customers.
Filtered Pitcher: The Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher is a smart buy that ensures healthy and safe drinking water for the whole family. If you are looking for a simple way to reduce the contaminants in your drinking water, the best choice is by using a filter pitcher. The filtered pitcher eradicates out up to 98% of fluoride, 99% of lead, and 99.9% of chromium from any tap water source. Some of the products under this category are Clean Water Pitcher, Pitcher Replacement Filter 3-pack, Pitcher Replacement Filter- 6 Pack and Clean Water Pitcher with Affinity Filtration Technology.
Home Filtration: In this category, they offer a 3-Stage Under Sink Filter System by which you can get the clean water directly from the tap. It is installed tidily under the kitchen sink as well as filters through which the water comes from the water line.
Filtered Bottles: Want to get rid of those awful water bottles? The Filtered Water Bottles by Clearly Filtered is surely the great replacement. These bottles are tested to provide clean and safe drinking water only from any freshwater source. Some of the products under this category are Stainless Steele Bottle, Bottle Replacement Filter, and the Glass Water Bottle.
Filtered Shower Heads: The water that is absorbed by your skin accounts for one of the main ways water gets into your body. Keeping that in mind, Clearly Filtered offer Filter Shower Heads for those who want to make sure that water entering their system is free of chemicals. The products included here are the Fixed Filtered Shower head and the Handheld Filtered Shower Head.
The company also sells Replacement filters for Pitcher Filter, Pitcher Filter Packs, Under the Sink Filters, Bottle Filters, and Shower Head Filters.

Pros & Cons of Clearly Filtered


  • Pulls heavy metals and fluoride out of your water
  • Purifies water more than the leading water purifier brands
  • Costs less than buying bottled water
  • Filters are small but powerful compared to much larger filters
  • Take 90 days to search for other water filter products, and if you find something that works better, you can get a refund


The only downside is the price that seems to be quite expensive than others in the industry

Clearly Filtered Contact Details

Phone: 877-876-2740

Final Words

Enough with those annoying chemicals and enough with chemically contaminated water. You now have a clear solution when it comes to improving the safety and quality of your water, with Clearly Filtered best range of water filter products. When it comes to consumer health, and the health of the planet as a whole, these products will give you the power to drink clean water, live healthier, and embrace an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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