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Bullet Train Proposal Rejected By Californians

Bullet Train proposal rejected by Californians

We have recognized the importance of bullet train and how fast it has removed the distance hurdles with fast tracks and efficiency. It would be really convenient for people of San Francisco to Los Angeles within few hours. For those who have been abroad, the importance of California high-speed bullet train would be praising idea for them, but now more than 51 percent of the Californians have rejected the proposal. In 2008, Californians voted for a $68 million bullet train project and they had been experiencing the buyer’s remorse.

A new poll about bullet train project received 59 votes against its start and only 55 percent wanted to see train bond issue back on the ballot. The number has been doubled once voters have approved the $9 billion borrowing plan. According to Times magazine, the train would also share with some other slower commuter freight trains. Jerry Brown, The Governor of California has planned to start on the project this year, but he is facing great pressure from homeowners, agricultural groups, schools, churches and business, assuming the new bullet train project will have negative effects on their compromise safety and interests.

Located in Central Valley, Madera and Merced County farm bureaus filed an environmental lawsuit against new train project and asked the court to block the process. This is just the reference of one lawsuit, while there have been many other central valley agricultural groups who have threatened the groups and ordered to stop it. The executive director of Madera County Farm Bureau told the Times that a preliminary injection against construction will occur because there are so many violations in environmental impact report of the authority.

Bullet Train proposal rejected by Californians

The farm groups have told that new rail project will damage about 1500 acres of farmland and there have been about 150 agriculture businesses in the region which will be stopped once rail project is started. New bullet train project has received the much conflict and project is widespread spanning amongst different regions, political affiliations, income brackets, ethnic backgrounds and different regions. The proposed plan has been strongly supported by democrats and now it has been seen that only 43 percent of the individuals will vote for it and people against it are as much as 47 percent.

In this report, it was told that even 76 percent of the republicans will also vote against it. He growing deficit has citizens worried as law enforcement and education budget cuts are being made to make room for the railway venture. They are also questioning whether a state government can manage to run a big rail system effectively. When some suggestions have not been in favor of this train system, the ultimate benefits of this train to California State should not be neglected.

This project would bring thousands of new jobs regarding its construction project, office work, management and administration, engineering, relevant business like cafes, restaurants. Still many things are to be considered and prove the project beneficial.

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