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Environmentally Friendly Electric Scooters

The total amount of greenhouse gases emission caused by an event, which is expressed as carbon dioxide equivalent, is called as carbon footprint. Due to increase in the greenhouse gases and other pollutants that can alter global climate to an alarming level, there is an urgent need to mitigate and minimize the carbon footprint at the individual level.

Due to the drastic change in the traditional professions of the human beings, such as from agriculture or animal husbandry to modern professions, it has become a necessity for the modern man to use vehicles such as automobiles, two-wheelers, public transport, etc. We all know that burning of one-litre petrol or gasoline in vehicle releases 2.3 kg of CO2, while Diesel releases 2.7 Kg of CO2. Thus, every individual in the modern society has a significant carbon footprint.

To reduce these emissions, and carbon footprint at an individual level, the best way is the use of alternate energies. Parents must encourage children to use them from childhood. The use of electric bikes, mopeds, scooters, etc., must be encouraged as the children get acquainted with the use of these unconventional vehicles. These vehicles will be having a very low carbon footprint when compared with the conventional fuels.

Plug Palace


Plug Palace is an online space where we can find child loving ride-on toys and fancy electric scooters and kid’s bikes at reasonable prices. These type of toys will also help kids to learn driving vehicles safely. As most these vehicles are not only meant for playing, but also they can be used to commute short distances such as nearby grocery stores, friends houses, etc. It will be still helpful if the process or procedure is given in stepwise precisely, about how to assemble these vehicles and how to troubleshoot simple problems that arise during regular usage of these vehicles/toys. There is a need to spread awareness about these eco-friendly vehicles and the usage these vehicles should be promoted especially in the power surplus countries.

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