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Are Tablets Our First Step Towards Eco Friendly Electronic Paper?


To completely adopt the Go Green approach, we need to go paperless and save the cutting of trees because they are playing vital role to decrease the pollution from atmosphere. Recently the world has seen many changes due to technological advancements and role of private sectors to contribute for environment go green.

Because of electronic book market and recent increasing demand of tablet technology are moving us towards complete paperless environment and helping us to protect our environment by avoiding the use of papers from trees.

Sometimes paper is necessary when we have to go through enjoyable reading experience, but now there are endless ways that all the documents, books and all the typed material can be accessed through your tablet or electronic book reader. Whether we start talking from Amazon kindle e-book reader or recently launched iPad 3, there is enough room for technology to perform its role for saving our habitats and preservation of natural resources.

Tablet technology burst in commercial sphere with launching of Apple’s first iPad during 2010. IPad was far more than a laptop computer because many features were added in iPad to perform its work, the working of 3G technology and related mobile networks operation functions.

Following the invention idea of tablet, other electronic manufacturers around the world adopted the same techniques and consumers have hands full of new technology eco-friendly tablets. If we view the launching of eBook reading devices, their boom started a few years ago before launching of first iPad tablet.

iPad tablet

With launching of Amazon kindle electronic book reader; there was great proof for demand of this product. This light weight and portable device was a best device available then to the travelers and commuters to enjoy reading the thousands of free accessed books. These two similar technology products brought similar approaches of eco-friendly solutions for electronic paper use. Last month a flexible electronic book was launched by LG Company and promised that it will revolutionize the eBook market with this new LG e-paper display.

LG eBook reader has a resolution of 1024*768 and its super slim with thickness of only 0.7 mm and so flexible that you can bend it at an angle of 40 degrees. Electronic reading devices can display images and text without any consumption of electricity and they are contributing to save not only the paper but also our electricity as main energy consumption. In this way, we can read an entire magazine and newspaper on just single electronic sheet and can save millions of trees with simple innovation.

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