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FR360-An Eco-Friendly and Versatile Travel Gadget

We have seen solar powered outdoor gadgets which can serve multiple purposes such as cooking, charging your accessories and also for listening music. However, the FR360 is one gadget that can work both on solar power and can also be [...]

Sun Ray Pro Power Panel Charger (P102)

Here’s a feasible solution to all your charging needs. Be it a phone or any gadget which charges from an USB source, you can use the below portable device to charge them while on the move. The power panel uses [...]

PowerTrekk- A Revolutionary Water Based Phone Charger

Imagine a handy charger which you can take along while you are travelling-one which can also charge your smartphones and other devices with ease. Your guess would be a solar powered charger or a backup battery arrangement. But you would [...]

Green chargers reduce “Vampire Power” energy waste

Vampire power is what you will examine after watching Robert Pattinson in ‘Twilight’ movie series. But it is not what it is at all. This is actually a term which is used by people for technology gadgets when we describe [...]

DIY Solar Truck Idea from Wellies

This idea of DIY solar truck has been taken after theft of solar panels of many users and needed to take their solar panels and required to take the panels and batteries indoors at night. The solar truck is a [...]

Are Tablets Our First Step Towards Eco Friendly Electronic Paper?

To completely adopt the Go Green approach, we need to go paperless and save the cutting of trees because they are playing vital role to decrease the pollution from atmosphere. Recently the world has seen many changes due to technological [...]