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The 2012 gadgets for health conscious

BodyMedia Armband

The health gadgets are more valuable as compared to any other gadgets which are launching nowadays relating to electronics and other categories. More than 153,000 wrapped the Consumer electronics show in Las Vegas and 35 football fields which were covering this exhibition. The attendees also found plenty of health and fitness gadgets which were displayed in this exhibition in Las Vegas. Here are some of the health and fitness gadgets which were exhibited well for attendees.

BodyMedia Armband for only $149

BodyMedia including four sensors which will capture more than five thousand pointer in one minute to calculate an individual’s stress less. Also it will burn the calories, improving the quality of your sleep and checking of galvanic skin response accurately. Julian Michaels, the fitness guru is well known for her marketing of BodyMedia device after her partnership with this company.

Basis Band for $199


Basis Band is similar in working to BodyMedia because it can measure GSR, the Galvanic Skin Response. It is also good at calories burn and throws the heart rate into mix and highly recommended by some fitness gurus. It can be wore 24/7 on wrist as compared to other arm bands. It is stylish in looking and batter is good to work for a week.

Zeo Bedside display for $149

Zeo Bedside

Zeo is the best gadget to track quality sleep of individuals by checking and sensing the moment of your arms around during the night. It actually uses a headband to measure your brain waves while you snooze. Users will also be checked for their deep, Rem and light sleep.

Withings health tracking applications

A new group of fitness and health related applications have been currently launched in cloud platform that not only get data from Withings but also cool internet based scales. These will be a great hub for the companies which are trying to gather information relating to health and all the sort of such data will be published here.

Fitbit Aria and Careverge

Careverge is a similar idea website like Withings which is trying to gather all people heath information for each interest group of the individuals. While Fitbit is a new WIFI smart scale same like the Withings scale that will send data about your body weight, fat level to internet platform and will gather all this information to help you setting your health goals. Similar health gadgets which were displayed in this exhibition were Ford Partnerships and Insure Money.

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