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Bel Air – Space-age Air Purification System

Bel Air - Air Purification

The Bel Air Purification System is a mini greenhouse where pollutants in the air are filtered out. The plants in the glass jar will metabolise and absorb many airborne toxins, passing them through a 3-stage filter, namely through the plant leaves, its roots, and a humid bath.

The basis of the project was on NASA’s research into air-purifying systems, particularly the efficiency of plants at absorbing and eliminating pollutants in aircraft. The Bel Air unit is designed for domestic use, exploiting the the most effective purification plants identified by NASA’s research.

Unfortunately, the unit does consume some energy from the mains to pump air through the plant filter. However, you could probably set up a solar panel rig to specifically power this unit without too much hassle.

Source: 3rings

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