Biodegradable Chinese Sky Lanterns

Anita | Jan 07, 2021

                                                                       Biodegradable Sky Lanterns

These Biodegradable Sky Lanterns are a great way to make any occasion a real celebration. Unlike conventional lanterns, these are constructed from biodegradable and sustainable parts, helping them to pose no hazard to farm animals or wildlife and be eco-friendly.

                                                                                          Biodegradable Sky Lanterns

The Biodegradable Sky Lanterns, known as Sky Orbs, allow you to enjoy Chinese lanterns without any worries over the environmental impact. We here at Envirogadget love a good party, be it new years, a wedding, an engagement, or just a good get together, and seeing Chinese lanterns fill the night sky or helping to release one and watching it rise into the heavens is a wonderful experience that we and many others enjoy. With many lanterns, there is a great risk to animals, due to the metal parts within them, which can lead to many deaths of wildlife and farm animals. These lanterns use no metal in their construction and all of the lanterns will biodegrade safely.

The Sky Orbs are constructed from rice paper, flame-resistant wool, and an eco-friendly pre-attached fuel cell that’s easy to light and non-drip. The fuel cell is made from the wax of discarded Buddhist temple candles and is a larger fuel cell than other similar lanterns. The lanterns come with full instructions including photos to help you release them without any hassle, letting them float out of your hands and up to the sky. The lanterns burn for 12 minutes and can travel up to 2 miles in that time. The packaging is recyclable.

The Biodegradable Sky Lanterns are available in 3 colors and 3 different shapes. They can be in blue, which traditionally in Asia represents immortality and peace, orange, which is used as a sacred color, for concentration, purpose, and general success, or in red, which is traditionally used for celebrations, representing good luck and used to signify joy and happiness.  Each color is available in either cylinder, diamond, or oval shape. The Sky Orbs are a great way to make a celebration or event special, without any worries over the environment.

The Biodegradable Sky Lanterns are just £2.99 each.

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