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BioWashBall – Washing your clothes without detergent


The BioWashBall is an eco-friendly method for washing your clothes without needing any washing detergent. The BioWashBall uses specially developed ceramic beads inside the ball that releases negative ions that weakens the adhesion of dirt to the fabric.

The BioWashBall also increases the pH level of the water in the washing machine, roughly equivalent to that of a standard soap powder. It’s the combination of the high pH and the negative ions that helps release dirt from your clothing. The BioWashBall can be used for 3 years on the basis of one 9lb load of laundry per day. That’s a big saving in money that would otherwise be spent on detergent. Every month, the BioWashBall is ‘recharged’ by placing it in bright sunlight for 2 hours.

The reason why it’s also eco-friendly is because it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals that would otherwise pollute the environment. Using the BioWashBall is great for people who are allergic to most soap powders, since no soap powders are needed.

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  • msmuddy March 27, 2009, 2:14 pm

    Finally, a product that works, saves me LOTS of money and does NO HARM to the earth.
    I have been using this crazy ball for a couple of months now. My towels & sheets are soft, my teenagers clothes smell clean, its wonderful. I had my doubts, but I really like it so far

    thanks biowashball!!!

  • Zach Smith May 11, 2010, 11:32 am

    This is a great alternative to laundry detergent. There have been a lot of issues about the right detergent to use for different washer types. Most people are confused as to what detergent is better for their front load washers. People using front loaders might find washer balls more convenient to use because this also prevents the accumulation of soap residues.

  • pierre viljoen August 13, 2010, 10:42 am

    Hi ,
    Could you be so kind as to inform me if this product is available in South Africa , if so who are the distributors?
    Many Thanks
    Pierre Viljoen