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Eco Star LCD 24L510


Eco Star LCD 24L510

Users have experienced new technology with LCD television sets and desktop computers, which have high quality graphics and embedded with many new features. As compared to LED screen which were launched before and had low color schemes, LCD screen have much more to experience along with their new features.

It has full HD 1080 P, USB, and Nature view, Reflecto Con, HDMI, Motion Engine and Image Refinery. Eco Stars are the best television sets due to their high durability and quality. Eco stars television sets come up with many exciting features and it will give you all you desire to watch.

Full HD 1080P

1280 P images bring out the originality and give you the true colors and natural beauty. As compared to standard HD television sets, this has increased scanning lines and double at its resolution. Eco start LCD 24L510 gives so enriched textures to the image that you will no difference between what has been shown on the television and what you really can view in front of your eyes. This HD screen resolution can give the real images view.

Image Refinery

LCD Full HD 1080P

Eco StarLCD 24510 gives more deeper white and black contrasts as well as enhancements of color spectrums which is the feature missing in many other LCDs. It makes motion engine to work perfectly with 1080 pixels and at the result of it, you get an ultimate colors output and video experience on your Eco Start LCD TV.

Reflecto Con

When you watch television or working on your computer and have to continuously gaze the monitor or screen, there is possible damage to the eyes you will experience from that picture quality offered by the screen However, Eco Star LCD television sets have anti-reflection or relectoCon with screen panels which will absorb the extra light and you can experience the true colors. Use of RelectoCon will give you deeper contrast and natural colors with no side effects of watching television closely or emission of lights which may affect your sight. So you can have comfortable view with this its reflection of danger rays.

Motion engine and Natural view

you will not experience any judder or blur effects when you are watching picture from Eco Star Modern engine technology. It uses three elements differently; backlit technology, video processing and panel. Its motion engine technology determines the clarity of videos or motion pictures. Its other popular features like color enhancement, USB and DynaCon or Dynamic contrast controlling tool will give you best LCD television experience.

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