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Self Sustaining Indoor Garden Gadget

Superior Self Sustaining Indoor Garden

The Self Sustaining Indoor Garden is perfect if you don’t have a garden, but you want to grow your own herbs, flowers or vegetables indoors. Just like the AeroPonics Accelerated Indoor Garden, the Self Sustaining Indoor Garden provides all of the light, water, and nutrients needed to grow almost any plant you want.

The light produces just the right mix of wavelengths to quickly grow your plants, whilst the water pumps ensure that the roots don’t dry out. The water contains the nutrients needed by the plants, without the need for soil. There are 6 growth pods which are rotated automatically to ensure all of the plants get an even amount of light and nutrients.

The growth techniques used by the indoor garden gadget means that plants grow up to 50% quicker than conventional plant growing methods. The garden gadget also adjusts the lighting and nutrient delivery for each of the pods during the different growth stages, namely seed germination, initial seedling growth and mature plant growth.

The Self Sustaining Indoor Garden is available for $149.95 plus delivery.

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