Gravity Light-A Phenomenal application of Gravity as an Energy Source

Anny | Jan 07, 2021

Gravity Light-A Phenomenal application of Gravity as an Energy Source

In our quest to bring you the latest in alternate sources of energy-we now present a very remarkable invention that might one day solve a major part of our energy crisis. The gravity light is a phenomenal invention that uses the power of gravity to generate an electric current which powers a portable light.  The system uses a heavy weight that is apparently attached to a system of gears, springs  and pulleys which in turn move a lighter weight. The heavy weight is first lifted to a certain level and the system then uses its displacement due to gravity to rotate a smaller weight which in turn might move  a dynamo attached to the pulley. This dynamo generates the electric current required to power a bulb. This new invention which is still in a limited trail phase is sure to help a lot of people who cannot use solar powered lamps due to various reasons. This gadget can be used anywhere and just needs to be hung from a surface with the heavy weight being periodically raised. It’s estimated that the one lift of the heavy weight can generate enough power to light the bulb for 30 minutes.

The gravity light uses the simple force of gravity which is universally available in every location. It doesn’t require a separate charging device or a battery and is just a one-time investment. The invention has been made keeping in mind the energy crisis and the cost involved in alternate forms of energy such as solar energy devices. This is a boon for developing nations where a large number of people still use fuel based lighting sources. Not only does it decrease the pollution resulting from burning fossil fuel such as kerosene but is also economically viable.

For more information on this remarkable application of gravity as a power source, please access the below link. The manufactures plan to distribute 1000 such units on a pilot basis to the needy in third-world countries. It’s estimated the commercial cost of this unit once produced in a large scale would be around $5.

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