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Lamps and Lights

Gravity Light-A Phenomenal application of Gravity as an Energy Source

In our quest to bring you the latest in alternate sources of energy-we now present a very remarkable invention that might one day solve a major part of our energy crisis. The gravity light is a phenomenal invention that uses [...]

Environmentally Friendly Gadgets in the Workplace

Why not to support some craziness about gadgets which are contributing something good for our environment? But now one can find endless series of such eco-friendly gadgets which can do their function to save our extra consumption of energy and [...]

BunBun eco light- A Flashlight with a twist

It mostly happens that we need an emergency light as torch, or when a torch in the car you are going to need but batteries went low. This is a daily life routine with most of the people around the [...]

Power Saving Tips

  Going green can be very easy if you know what to do and do plenty of research before you decide to go green. Going green can help you decrease your carbon footprint and help the environment but it can [...]

Eco Friendly Lighting

  Going green is a lot easier than many people think. When people hear going green they automatically think of solar panels, no electricity, conserving water, electric powered cars and generally a lot of expense. The truth is that many [...]

Leaf LED Light by Herman Miller

The Leaf LED Light is a stylish modern desk lamp that uses LEDs to produce a bright white light while using very little energy. The lamp is fully adjustable allowing you to be able to use it for a variety [...]