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iFan – Wind Powered Charger Case for iPhones Concept

ifan - Wind Powered Charger Case for iPhones

The iFan is a concept design for a case for an iPhone that uses a wind turbine to provide charge for your device. The iFan allows you to continually top up the charge of your iPhone while you are out and about, as long as there is a breeze!

iFan - Wind Powered Charger Case for iPhones Concept

The iFan has been designed by Tjeerd Veenhoven to allow you to extend the charge of your iPhone by taking advantage of any wind around you. The iFan consists of a soft rubber skin that includes a energy wind fan, the case is then put onto the phone to allow it to charge whenever the fan blades are moved by the breeze.

The iFan requires around 6 hours to charge your iPhone fully, though this time reduces when subjected to faster winds. The designer is planning to redesign the blades to make the fan more efficient to further shorten the charging time. The iPhone would need to be placed or held in an area with at least a breeze for it to charge, and held in position for the blades to move. This could be difficult to achieve at times, though when out engaging in outdoor activities it may be easier.

The iFan concept is certainly an intriguing idea for ways to help top up your iPhone’s charge. If the design can be improved, perhaps with attachments for a bike, or arm and by improving the blades efficiency, the iFan may be a much needed eco-friendly charger.

Source: EcoFriend

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