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Odd Gadgets

WeWood Chrono Watch

The WeWood Chrono Watch is formed from offcuts of wood that often go to waste. The watchmakers use as much wood as possible to create a unique looking, stylish watch. The WeWood Chrono Watch has been created to make use [...]

Solar Face Shield

The Solar Face Shield is an alternative approach to full protection for your face from any potential harm from the sun. The shield fully covers your face blocking any harmful rays from reaching your delicate facial skin. Though it may [...]

Ecozone Toilet Smell Killer

The  Toilet Smell Killer is a great little device for keeping your toilet fresh without the need to replace it or refill it. This odour neutralizer works without the need for any chemicals, and does not produce any artificial smells, [...]

FanTubes – Cardboard Tube Chairs and Table

  The FanTubes Furniture is a fun use of often discarded cardboard tubes. The hundreds of waste tubes have been constructed together to create striking pieces of furniture, that though they may not be that comfortable certainly offer a room [...]

Eco-bathroom – Water Saving Toilet Concept

The Eco-bathroom is a concept design for a toilet and washbasin unit where the water used in the sink is stored to flush the toilet. The concept design has a sleek and elegant look to it, a modern feel that [...]

Tandem Electric Bicycle

This can provide you with a unique riding experience. The tandem bicycle allows two to ride together (great for couples) while having all the advantages of an electric bicycle, hills and headwinds are no longer an issue with the motor [...]