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Christmas Tree Recycling

Christmas Tree Recycling


Christmas is a time of year that is wonderful and filled with joy and happiness. Kids laughing and wanting Santa and adults laughing and smiling at all that is going on for the holiday. During this holiday you will get a Christmas tree and after Christmas what will you do with that Christmas tree? If you purchased a live Christmas tree and do not just want to throw it away after Christmas you should check into Christmas tree recycling.

What is Christmas Tree Recycling?

Christmas tree recycling is where a Christmas tree is recycled after Christmas. There are many different ways a Christmas tree can be recycled and it is much better to recycle your tree instead of letting it rot out in the yard. Some people decide to burn their Christmas tree but this is not recommended as evergreen trees have sap that can cause chimney fires and buildup in your fireplace. It is much better to recycle your Christmas tree.

How to Recycle My Christmas Tree?

You can recycle your own Christmas tree or you can have a company recycle it for you. Some cities and towns will even get the tree for you with curbside pickup. You can call your city hall to find out if your town offers this option or not.

Your Christmas tree can be recycled in a broad variety of different ways. Here are some of the ways that you or your city may recycle your Christmas tree.

  • Soil Erosion programs. Many places will take Christmas trees and put them as a barrier near beaches and streams to prevent soil erosion from happening. These evergreen trees make a great barrier for this process.
  • Replanting the tree. If you purchased your tree with the root ball still attached you or the city can replant the tree. A Christmas tree would be a beautiful addition in any yard. Some companies that sell Christmas trees will offer a free recycling service and will replant the tree after you use it.
  • Mulch. Some people decide to use the Christmas tree as a form of mulch. Once shredded up, evergreen shavings make a great mulch for flower beds and gardens.
  • Bedding for pets. Some people choose to recycle their tree as dog bedding. Companies can take the tree and shred it to make mulch like substance for dog bedding.
  • Bird Feeders. Another great form of Christmas tree recycling is to turn that tree into a bird feeder. You can make several bird feeders out of one Christmas tree.
  • Fish Feeders. Sometimes some people will sink the Christmas tree into the water to make underwater habitats for fish and other aquatic wildlife.

There are many different methods of Christmas tree recycling. You can choose several different ways of recycling your tree if you have bought a live one. Check with your local government to see what ways they offer to recycle a tree. You can also do your own Christmas tree recycling. Whichever way works best for you is what you should do but always consider recycling your Christmas tree because in doing so you are helping to make the environment better and greener.

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