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Recycle Yours Old One If You are Upgrading To New iPhone

Where technology gadgets have bought the revolution in word of communication and latest information system, IPhone culture is getting more and more popular. Transferring from iPhone to iPhone 2, iPhone 2 to iPhone 3G, 3G to 4S and now transferring [...]

Choosing Reusable Bags

  You go into your local grocery store and see that some people are getting groceries at a discount compared to what you are getting them at. You are not quite sure what is going on at first until you [...]

Christmas Tree Recycling

  Christmas is a time of year that is wonderful and filled with joy and happiness. Kids laughing and wanting Santa and adults laughing and smiling at all that is going on for the holiday. During this holiday you will [...]

Leaf LED Light by Herman Miller

The Leaf LED Light is a stylish modern desk lamp that uses LEDs to produce a bright white light while using very little energy. The lamp is fully adjustable allowing you to be able to use it for a variety [...]

WeWood Chrono Watch

The WeWood Chrono Watch is formed from offcuts of wood that often go to waste. The watchmakers use as much wood as possible to create a unique looking, stylish watch. The WeWood Chrono Watch has been created to make use [...]

FanTubes – Cardboard Tube Chairs and Table

  The FanTubes Furniture is a fun use of often discarded cardboard tubes. The hundreds of waste tubes have been constructed together to create striking pieces of furniture, that though they may not be that comfortable certainly offer a room [...]