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Combined Washing Machine and Toilet

Combined Toilet and Washing Machine

Washup is a bizarre conceptual design that combines a washing machine and a toilet in the same place. The idea is that waste water from the washing machine is used to flush the toilet, rather than wasting fresh water to flush the toilet.

The inventor claims that for small homes, the washing machine in the bathroom would save space. By having the washing machine at arm height, it saves having to bend down to collect the washing, therefore helping those with poor mobility.

The idea of using “used” water, otherwise known as greywater, is not new. It would make more sense to collect all of the water from the bath, shower, washing machine and washbasins in a single tank and use that for toilets and watering the garden.

Definitely a novel green gadget, and certainly thinking outside the box!

Source: Core77

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  • john February 17, 2009, 1:35 pm