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Floor Standing Foot Operated Can Crusher

Foot Operated Can Crusher

If you use lots of tin cans or have lots of beer cans around, you know that the cans take up a lot of space when you’re recycling them. Well having a handy Foot Operated Can Crusher means that you can keep the kids occupied (it can be one of their fun chores), as well as keep the space you use for recycling down to a minimum.

Foot Operated Can Crusher

The crusher simply uses leverage to crush the cans into a pancake. The crusher is strong enough to crush both aluminium and steel cans, and is large enough to crush cans up to 475ml in capacity. If you’ve had a stressful day at the office, it might be a bit of relief to crush a few cans!

Available for about £11.00 at Amazon UK or about $23 from Amazon.com

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