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Handy Grey Water Siphon and Pump

Handy Water Siphon

If you want to recycle your bath water, you could invest in an expensive water recycling system for your home. Or you could just use this Handy Grey Water Siphon and Pump Kit that will effortlessly help you to drain your bath into a water tank or water butt outside.

All you do is put one end of the pipe into your bath (or water butt, pond, etc), connect the other end to a conventional hose, squeeze the pump to start the movement of water, and then let gravity do the rest. The inline-pump starts off the siphoning process. All you need to do is ensure the destination for the water is at least 12 inches (30 cm) below the water source.

As long as you use eco-friendly bubble bath and soaps, then you can use the water for your garden! (Some soaps may damage your plants). It’s a simple and easy way to recycle water!

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