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Plate Wrap – Packaging that becomes a plate

Plate Wrap

The Plate Wrap concept is an idea to use shaped packaging around a microwave meal that can be used as a plate or mat for eating the meal from. By using the wrapper as a plate/mat you should use less water and detergent than you otherwise might have. The wrapper can be made from recycled materials and should be recyclable itself.

The Plate Wrap concept has been created by Stephen Laing, he found that he was constantly using plates to eat microwave meals from, to avoid dropping food onto a table. His idea was to create a carefully shaped wrapper that could be taken apart to form a plate or mat to eat from, helping to catch any split food.

The Plate Wrap replaces the need for a plate to be used, it is thought this would be beneficial to the environment as less water and detergent would be used, as there would be no plate to wash. By creating the wrap from recycled materials and allowing it to be recyclable itself further benefits to the environment are made. The Plate Wrap seems to be a useful charge to standard microwave meal wrappers to benefit those who have a need for a plate when eating them.

Source: Plate Wrap

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