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Recycled 12″ Vinyl Record Bowl

Vinyl Record Bowl

The Vinyl Record Bowl is an inspired use of a long time discarded item. The bowl is formed out of a vinyl record, re-purposing it as a useful and decorative object in today’s society.

Vinyl Record Bowl

The Vinyl Record Bowl can be used for a multitude of purposes. The bowls were created by a designer who rescued old discarded records and decided to re-purpose them as functional art. Each bowl is created from a single vinyl record that is lovingly remoulded into the shape of a bowl. The bowl is then treated to seal it with a protective coating so it can be used safely as a fruit bowl, dry snack bowl, or just as a decorative bowl.

The Vinyl Record Bowl is available in two sizes – large or small. Each robust bowl still has its original label intact which helps to remind you that it has been formed from a discarded record. The bowl gives new life to a once much loved item, helping to turn it back from junk to a treasured possession. The Vinyl Record Bowl can be yours from just £12.95.

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