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Recycled Circuit Board Photo Frame

Recycled Circuit Board Photo Frame

The Recycled Circuit Board Photo Frame has been constructed from discarded motherboards. The frame allows you to display photographs in a way any technology geek will appreciate which gives a purpose to materials that would otherwise be discarded to landfill.

The Recycled Circuit Board Photo Frame has been created by Two’s Company. The frame comes in two sizes: 3 in x 3 in and 4 in x 6 in perfect for many standard sized photos. The framework is constructed from recycled printed circuit boards (PCBs). As mentioned with Circuit Board Clocks, Credit Card Holders, Coasters and other such circuit board products, many PCBs are created daily. Most pieces of electronics require one and so many are created in a range of sizes. One use for PCBs is as motherboards inside a PC.

The electronic equipment that PCBs are found in is largely seen to be disposable, to be discarded rather than fixed when broken. Because of this there is a very high sustained demand for many different types of electronics and so there is a high demand for these boards. The constant demand for these PCBs has lead to them being produced in very large quantities, many of them fail the stringent quality controls and so are never used while some never see use as they become obsolete as technology advances. The circuit boards are not easily recycled and many do not dispose of them correctly when an electronic item has come to the end of its useful life. Many are even sent on mass to landfill.

Two’s Company have taken PCBs in the form of computer motherboards and have re-purposed them into items of use, the frame provides a talking point in any room while displaying your photos in a modern setting. The Recycled Circuit Board Photo Frame makes a perfect gift for anyone with a passion for technology and/or the environment. The frame helps to give a motherboard a new life as a useful and decorative item that will suit any room.

The Recycled Circuit Board Photo Frame makes a perfect gift for just $9.19.

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