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Recycled Wet and Dry Log Maker

Recycled Wet / Dry Logmaker

The Recycled Wet and Dry Log Maker allows you to form a suitable log for burning on a traditional fire from burnable household waste. This log maker can make use of items such as wet leaves, wood shavings, tea bags, or junk mail.

Recycled Dry Log Maker

The Recycled Wet and Dry Log Maker has been created by Arthur Howell. He designed the device to make use of materials that could be easily burnt but were not suitable for his wood burning stove into logs that could be used. The aim was to cut down on the amount of waste that was being sent to landfill that could be burnt for heat, which would also help to reduce the amount of wood that was required for burning.

Common household waste items such as newspapers, junk mail, wood shavings, or even tea bags will easily burn, in fact they burn too easily causing them to burn up quickly without being any use. The log maker allows you to pack these materials into a dense log that is suitable for burning. The logs require a wrapping of newspaper to help hold them together, but inside any items that could be burned can be placed in. Depending on what is inside the logs they can burn for up to an hour. The wet and dry log maker can use wet items as well as dry to form logs, allowing you to use wet leaves or other such waste to form a log for burning.

This log maker has been formed from 100% recycled plastic, helping to reduce its environmental impact. Burning household waste will of course produce a lot of carbon which is not good for the environment, however burning wood produces a lot of carbon while reducing the amount of trees available to make use of it. It is estimated that around 30% of all household waste could be used in these logs to produce heat for a house, this coupled with the reduction of wood required for burning makes this a better choice for those who use a wood burning stove.

The Recycled Wet and Dry Log Maker is yours for just £34.95.

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