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Eco Friendly Lighting

Eco Friendly Lighting


Going green is a lot easier than many people think. When people hear going green they automatically think of solar panels, no electricity, conserving water, electric powered cars and generally a lot of expense. The truth is that many people do not have the chance to become really green because of the expense of many of the green products. Fortunately you can start out small with something like ecofriendly lighting and go green in a small way at first.

What is Eco Friendly Lighting?

Eco friendly lighting is where the lighting you purchased is good for the environment and eco system. There are many types of eco friendly lights out there from large lights to small and from light bulbs to large lamps. Eco friendly lighting is typically made out of LED lights and can have solar panels for an even better green solution.

Where Can I Purchase Eco Friendly Lighting?

There are many stores that sell eco friendly lighting. Your local stores will sell many different varieties of lighting as well as many different home improvement stores will sell this form of lighting. If you cannot find what you are looking for in your local store, you can search online. There are many different sites that are dedicated to going green and will have many products including lighting to help customers go green. Popular sites such as Amazon and eBay will also have eco friendly lighting for sale.

How Much Will Eco Friendly Lighting Cost?

If it is just eco friendly bulbs that you are going for you can purchase those for a fairly reasonable price; around ten dollars for a pack of lights. If you are looking for eco friendly lamps or outdoor lighting these may be a bit more expensive but well worth the investment as it will be helpful for the environment, and also your energy bills.  Outdoor lighting will vary in price depending on the maker of the product. Make sure that you research the pricing at several different locations and compare the price. Make sure that you get the best deal possible so that you can save money and go green.

Different Types of Eco Friendly Lighting

There are many different forms of eco friendly lighting, from light bulbs, to indoor and outdoor lights; you will have many to choose from. Here are a few of the more popular lighting choices.

  • Bulbrite Eco Friendly Light bulbs. A great light bulb that will last in the lighting in your home.
  • GE Eco Friendly Light Bulbs. Corkscrew eco friendly and long lasting light bulbs.
  • Eco Friendly Outdoor Light Great light for outdoor lights. Energy efficient.
  • Paradise Solar Lights. Outdoor lighting that is eco friendly and works great.

There are many options for eco friendly lighting both in your house and outside of your house. People that switch to eco friendly lighting can save a lot of money on their power bills and help to better the environment. This is one of the least expensive methods to go green and help to reduce your carbon footprint. You will be happy knowing that you have contributed to helping the Earth be healthier.

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