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Energy Free Lighting – After-Lite

AfterLite - Bulb

About a month ago, I was contacted by Tim LeMaster regarding the After-Lite product. The After-Lite is essentially a plastic-based disc that fits to the bottom of an energy-saving light bulb. When you have your lights on, the disc “charges up”. When you switch your lights off, the After-Lite disc carries on glowing, giving you free light!

Tim is a professional inventor, and has been so for 25 years. As an expert in photo luminescent technology, he’s been working on a range of innovative safety products for low light and dark conditions. To put it in context, Tim’s company FOTOLum developed the photo-luminescent vinyl patches that the New York City Fire Department wear on their uniforms… as a matter of their department safety policy!

After-Lite Cell

The After-Lite uses what Tim calls a Crystal Energy Cell. The cell (or disc) can charge up in just a few minutes, and gives enough light to easily see what you’re doing in a room. Tim sent me some of these discs to play with, and they’re a really interesting eco-friendly gadget! The cells are designed for US style energy saving light bulbs, but after a little bit of tweaking, I got them to neatly fit a modern UK style light bulb.

I personally found that the cells charge up in just a few minutes, and will carry on glowing for several hours. Although the light output decreases with time (as you’d expect with anything that glows in the dark), I found that the cells were still glowing about 10 hours later.

The After-Lite is not designed to replace bulbs, it’s merely offered as supplement your lighting. If there are situations when there’s a sudden power cut, the cells will just glow and offer a simple to install emergency light source.

Another use for this product is as a child’s night light. Since young children are often afraid of the dark, and rather than keep your lights on overnight, the After-Lite cell will start glowing as soon as the light is switched off. This glowing light should be plenty enough to give a child peace of mind, and it doesn’t cost a single penny in energy!

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  • Chris Granger December 29, 2008, 10:12 am

    I have something similar to this set up, with glow-in-the-dark tubes strategically placed directly above my wall sconces. They’re not noticeable at all when the lights are on, but they’re useful “light landmarks” to aid safe walking around in the dark after the lights are off. Unfortunately, the light from these is only useful for ten or fifteen minutes. That these After-Lite cells were still visible hours later is impressive.