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NoPoPo Urine Powered Mini Lantern

NoPoPo Urine Powered Battery

NoPoPo Urine Powered Battery Lantern

Recently, the NoPoPo Batteries where released. The NoPoPo batteries use urine to provide battery power. The battery is made from carbon and magnesium, and uses urine (as well as other liquids like beer, sake and cola) as an electrolyte to generate an electrical current. Well now the Japan Trend Shop is offering a NoPoPo Urine Powered Torch and Lantern gadget. The torch uses a bright white LED which can be used in lantern or flashlight mode.

Unfortunately, a NoPoPo battery can only be recharged four times, which means it has a pretty short lifespan. However, with a capacity of 500mAh, the batteries would be pretty effective in an emergency kit. The torch and batteries sell for $39 (about £24), so it’s a little pricey, but very novel!

Source: Oh! Gizmo

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