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Solar Shaver Eco product review

Solar Shaver

We all like the idea of solar charging. Solar energy is renewable and free source of generating as much energy as we desire because there are not restrictions to production of this energy form. We have found many of such eco energy shavers on Nigel’s Eco store.

There are many solar products which have been embedded with latest technology to overcome our increasing energy demands from petroleum animal fossils. Solar shaver, as the name has been selected, tells about something charged with solar energy. It is ultimate in portable grooming and you would leave it in sun for few hours, don’t forget it as days about it like me, and it will be fully charged to give you smooth shaving.

Most of the users who are currently using the razors and have idea o covert to electric razors, the addition of information to use solar shavers is more useful. In start it may not get you close when you need a clean shave. But now with solar shavers, they are probably better than other electric shaving machines because you can easily clean the hair from your cheeks and below the chin. Trends of getting up late every morning may not be always good for you, if your shaver is not charged and you have shortage of time to complete your all tasks and move to the office.

Obviously the most accurate solution available will be ecofriendly gadgets like solar charger. Before facial hair grows wild, you will need the quick smooth shaving solution. Although disposable razors are not contributing to the wastages of electricity but they are adding to global wastes. But for those who want to go electric, a new razor technology from Braun’s Energy start line which look the best alternative available. An electric or eco-friendly shaver uses 64 percent less energy than competitors.

Solar Shaver Eco product review

This eco-friendly shaving company is anticipating that product will save up to 12 million pounds of Carbon dioxide which is emitted each year due to industries and factories wastes. According to reviews of Proctor and Gamble, these efforts by eco-friendly shaver will save as much pollution as for removing the 1073 cars from the road.

This will be same as lighting 5861 homes in a year or growing about 1526 acres forest. Eco friendly shavers will not only solve the problems of charging issue with electric chargers but also efforts for pollution to control. It has integrated trimmer, shaving time is only 1 minute and can also be recharged via USB along with power, charging indicators.

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