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Office Eco Gadgets

Bamboo Charcoal Room Fresheners

Room fresheners are fast becoming a vital necessity in any household or office as unwanted odors stale air cigarette smoke are very disagreeable to your visitors. Normal aerosol based room fresheners only add a fragrance to the air which just [...]

Logitech Wireless Solar Powered Keyboard

Keyboard is one of the important input elements which are essential if you are dealing with computer system, using a laptop or playing a video PSP game, where input devices are required to feed the data and get fast output. [...]

Go Green Initiative at work

What is Go Green Initiative? The Go Green initiative was first founded in 2002 by Jill Buck in California. Go Green Initiative is an environmental improvement education and stewardship program which is currently working in all the American States and [...]

Eco Curtains

  If you turn on any channel that is discussing the environment or home improvement, chances are that you will hear the term green at least once. The term green means going cleaner for the environment. Each day thousands of [...]

Ovetto Recycling Bin

The is a beautiful and stylish way for you to dispose of your household rubbish. The segmented design helps to make recycling simpler, with 3 different sections to take different types of refuse. The Ovetto Recycling Bin has been created [...]

Mini Battery Wizard

The  allows you to recharge disposable batteries, the charger can take alkaline batteries and extend their useful life by up to 10 times. The Mini Battery Wizard is a great way to help make use of batteries that would otherwise [...]