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Energy-Saving and Washing Dryer Cubes

Dryer Cubes

These Dryer Cubes are a great way to help your clothes to dry faster and softer without the need for chemicals. Simply placing the cubes with your wet laundry into your tumble dryer allows them to help speed up the drying process and soften your clothes without the need for fabric softeners or tumble dryer sheets.

The Dryer Cubes by Ecozone are a great way to cut down your laundry costs and help to lessen the amount of chemicals you use. The cubes have specially designed little nodules over them, these help to agitate the clothing helping to physically break down the stiffness caused by the water drying. This ability means you do not need to use fabric softener with your wash, nor would you need a dryer sheet, this is not only beneficial to the environment, with less chemicals in the water, less production and transport, but is also beneficial to those with asthma, eczema or allergies. The ability to soften the clothes also helps to make the clothes easy to iron helping to reduce a further electric cost.

The Dryer Cubes help the hot air to circulate around the laundry in a more efficient manner. The cubes themselves retain the heat, helping the drying process and separate the items out to increase airflow. It is thought that these effects can help to reduce drying time by 25%, making an obvious saving to your electrical bill. The cubes will last for between 2 – 5 years depending on level of usage, helping you to save money wash after wash. The cubes are a chemical free way to ensure you have soft, easy to iron laundry that drys in less time, benefiting both you, your money and the environment.

The Dryer Cubes are just £10.95 with free delivery.

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