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Sustainable Fashion

Sustainable fashion is a collective term for an Eco-friendly and ethical form of fashion design which can involve using organic materials, decrease or omit chemical usage, not using animal product, generating a lesser carbon footprint and also creating an ethical [...]

AirDye – An Revolution in Fabric Dyeing

We all line in a colorful and vibrant world, with our clothing and interiors designed in a myriad of colors. The fact that almost all of the fabrics need to be dyed with the appropriate colors is something we all [...]

Ultra Suede An Alternative To Suede Leather

Suede leather is a popular choice for boots and shoes and no wardrobe would quite be complete without them. This soft leather is derived from the under skins of animals such as goat, lambs etc,  and does involve skinning animals [...]

Eco Friendly Clothing From Rapanui Clothing

The past decades have seen an increase in the usage of natural fibers in our clothing needs. They are environment friendly, degradable and require less energy while in production. One such international brand is Rapanui Clothing which not uses natural fibers [...]

Bamboo Fiber- A new Trend in Eco-Friendly Clothing

All of us are familiar with bamboo- the tall shoots that decorate parks and gardens. Bamboo is actually a type of reed or grass and is known to grow fast,  requires very less water and often grows in bunches. Bamboo [...]

Natural Clothing Company

Natural clothing company based in Washington USA is a manufacturer of organic clothing ranges. They use natural fibers such as hemp, flax, bamboo etc which are a safe and healthy alternative to conventional fibers. These fibers allow air to pass [...]