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Starch-Based Plastic Biodegradable Disposable Forks

Starch Plastic Disposable Forks

These Starch Plastic Disposable Forks are great for use at outdoor events or for parties. The forks will totally decompose after use and are created from sustainable materials, allowing you to enjoy yourself without worry over any waste of plastic.

The Starch Plastic Disposable Forks are created from from polylactic acid (PLA) which is derived from corn starch instead of the usual petrochemicals which are used to create plastic. As with the Biodegradable Drinking Straws and the Biodegradable Pint Tumblers, forks will hold their form while stored so they should live happily in your cupboards until you require them. Once the forks are disposed of or put into a compost bin they will, within a few months, lose their structure and totally degrade. This process of decomposition only starts when they are subjected to heat, moisture and bacteria, which is the typical environment for a compost bin or landfill site.

These Starch Plastic Disposable Forks are reusable, as long as their are cleaned and dried quickly and stored in a dry place. These are ideal utensils for BBQs, fayres, festivals, fetes and other outdoor events where there may be considerable litter, as you can enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge that should any not make it to a bin they will still decompose naturally. These forks offer an alternative to the Wooden Disposable Cutlery for those who prefer the use of plastic like materials over wood.

The Starch Plastic Disposable Forks provide you with a utensil that you can use at parties with peace of mind, knowing they are sourced in a sustainable way and are able to fully biodegrade. Perfect for those eco-friendly party people!

The Starch-Based Disposable Forks start at just £6.99 for a pack of 100 forks. You can also get knives and spoons too.

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  • Claire Black Slotton May 14, 2011, 8:15 pm

    I’ve used the cornstarch cutlery and they’re fantastic. Sturdier than cheap plastic cutlery, and guilt-free. At least one of the event planners at UC Davis uses them when she can at her functions and I think they need to be more readily available to consumers as well. She also uses biodegradable cups and I accidentally put hot water in one it started dissolving in my hands. The Birchwood cutlery is a great idea too. I hope it’s okay to twit and blog about these as well!